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Havanese History

With a personality that can only be described as complete happiness, Havanese love everyone and everything and bring so much joy to every person they meet. Havanese dogs are fast becoming a popular breed in this country and are very much in demand. There have been many articles written in magazines and newspapers as well as appearances on television describing all their many attributes and desirability.

Havanese are non-shedding, odorless, hypoallergenic, easily trained and only want to please.

What a Perfect Companion!!

The Havenese is the national dog of Cuba. In 1492 Christopher Columbus raised the flag of Spain on this island. While researching ships logs we find that little dogs were brought along and found their way into the homes of the Spanish aristocracy. They developed to the climate of the tropics and are very heat tolerant.

Once called the Havana silk dog their coat is like silk strands, long and thick, but light and very soft. This protected them from the hot tropical sun. Their hair was left in their face to protect their eyes as well. Europeans began bringing these little dogs back with them after visiting the now great cultural colony of Cuba. They are present in many portraits of that period. Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens were notable owners of Havanese dogs.
The remaining Havanese in the world today, with the exception of some few in Europe, come from 11 immigrants that escaped to this country during the Cuban revolution. They became a VERY rare breed and to this day, in comparison to other breeds, are very small in number.

Our task now is to breed with integrity and strict adherence to the type so that they remain the perfect little dog that they are. We are very selective to whom we will sell our puppies. We look at family structure, personality, and the purpose of your wanting a Havanese puppy, among other things.

A Havanese puppy is not just a pet. It is a friend and companion that is very intelligent, very loyal and very much a part of it's adopted family. All it will ever ask in return is love and respect.


So, take a stroll through our site and see why sometimes we have to do the puppy shuffle, but be careful - hang on to your heart - it might get stolen.


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