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April, 10th 2012

Hi Cathy, hi Dean

just wanted to let you know that we are doing well with Mr. Darcy. He's so full of energy- he's keeping us busy but what a love. We have never laughed so hard over his antics. We are totally in love with him. He is so smart and we start obedience school in two weeks which will be good. We'll keep you posted.

Long Island, NY

January, 12th 2012


Dear Cathy,

This is Linda XXXXXX. I adopted one of your puppies this past June. Time certainly has gotten away from me, but I just wanted to tell you what a great puppy Buffy (Sweetheart) has become. Attached are a couple of pictures we had taken for our Christmas card. She weighs about 9 lbs now and you will see what a cutie she is. She has already taken an obedience class and showed us how smart she is. And everyday she shows how lovable she is. I also wanted to let you know that we had her spayed this past October. Buffy gets lots of walks, trips to the dog park and plenty of play time. We are so happy to have her as part of our family.You certainly should take pride in your puppies. Thank you very much again for Buffy. Happy New Year!

December 14th, 2011

Molly had a great day today running and playing outside. She is so tired that I hope she sleeps better tonight.... Check out the picture of Molly that Walter took outside today. I know this letter goes to your web site but perhaps you could give me your direct email so I could keep you posted if you don't mind. Thanks for the great dog!! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Long Lsland, NY


September, 26th 2011

I thought you might like to see the pups (Lola & Sophie)with our son's dog Marshall.

Tupelo, MS

September, 24th 2011


our little darling,Sophie
Gene and Cheryl

September, 6th 2011

Hello Cathy & Dean,

The happiest girl in Mississippi lives in my house. Joy and "Coconut" are inseparable. If she is not in his sight, he is crying for her. He is a beautiful animal...

All I read about this breed is phenomenal. Friends with kids much younger than my daughter just got one, and they have been very pleased.

Olive Branch, MS

July, 30th 2011

Hi Cathy!

Andy (girls changed it back ;) has been an angel. He is REALLY laid back and loving. Took him to the vet today and she said he looks great. Thanks again for everything!


June, 30th 2011

Hi Cathy,

...I also want you to know just how right you are when you say there is nothing like a Havanese. We named our puppy Buffy and she is a barrel of energy and personality. She loves everyone that comes into the house, because she thinks they come just to see her. (Actually, lately people do come just to see her.) Buffy has been a great addition to our family.I will send some pictures so you can see how precious she is getting.

Metairie, LA

May, 3rd 2011

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to check with you and make sure that you received the picture and the letter from my vet about Katie’s check-ups. She is perfect, as you would expect. We are just loving her to pieces. She develops her sweet little personality more and more every day. There are times when she just cracks me up. The other day she tried to wake me up by licking my eyelids open. I don’t think I have ever seen a brighter, more intelligent dog. She has been so easy to “potty train” that it is actually scary. I am almost wondering if she might have trained me. I really cannot thank you enough for the gift you gave me by letting me have her. My parents and I have gotten so many hours of pleasure just watching her...

Biloxi, MS

Tue, 6 Sep 2005

Hi Cathy,

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Talbot and to let you know that we are just so happy with him. He is the sweetest little guy, and very bonded to me. He has begun protecting me, he now barks and growls quietly if anyone he thinks is questionable comes near me. The other night my husband came to bed later than usual in the dark, and he was protecting me until he heard his voice.

He loves being outside, and particularly enjoys our walks along the river. At least 2-3 a day. Sometimes he gets so tired that he has to lay down to rest, or have me carry him for a jaunt, then he wants down and runs some more. He is very sociable and loves everyone he meets, even other dogs. He already knows how to sit, lay down, shake, dance (in a little circle) and he heels at every curb before crossing the street. He is so smart, he has turned many of our large dog loving friends into thinking about a small dog. J We LOVE him.


Hello Cathy,

Just wanted to pop in and see the new puppies. Ohhhh, they are so adorable.

Talbot is doing well, he's 5 pounds at 6 mos. He is such a lover. Every morning after he eats, he asks to be held and falls asleep in my arms. He is such a baby and very spoiled. We have a gazillion dogs in the community, and yet all the neighbors agree, Talbot is there favorite. We even get phone calls from the neighbors to bring Talbot out to show off to their visitors. :) he is so loved!!

Thank you so much!

Fri, 30 Sep 2005

Hi Cathy,

How are you? I just wanted to give you an update on Allie’s progress. She just graduated from her puppy training class on Wednesday night. She did pretty well. I joined our local Roaring Fork Kennel Club last month, so I will start hearing about all the shows around this area now. I am starting a handling class with her next month, so I’ll let you know how that goes. She is so much fun. She weighs about 6 lbs now and is growing up very nicely. I’ll take some recent pictures to send you. Hope all is going well for you and your family. Take Care.


Mon, August 29, 2005

Hi Cathy,

We had such a wonderful day today with Praline! She was with my daughter and I the entire day and night as we shopped for things for her and showed her off. Everyone loves her but not as much as we do. She was sweet, loving, responsive, playful and so adorable. She got along great with our other puppy also. We even celebrated tonight by all going to the ice cream store for pralines 'n cream ice cream. The poor thing is so tired. She is in her crate and her crate is in the playpen we got for her today. She seems very happy and did not seemed fazed at all by the travel and change of people and scenery. You certainly did something right. My mother-in-law, who lives across the street from us, fell in love with her and demanded that I find her an identical one for her. I told her Praline will be over there enough that she won't need her own. But we will see. So keep us in mind for another pure white very small female if you should have one. When is your next litter?

Thanks again for everything. I hope you are all safe in the hurricane. I took a whole roll of film today that I will send you tomorrow. Thanks.


Sun, September 11, 2005

Hi Cathy,

We are having the best time with Praline!! From the moment she came out of her crate at the airport she has been sweet, loving and smart. She immediately became best friends with our mutt puppy Wags who is about 25 lbs. Wags is very gentle with Praline and they sleep together (during the day only), eat out of the same bowl at times, share all their toys and bones and play so well together. It is truly amazing.... She is very easy and had her first puppy cut this week. I like to see all of her face and keeping her hair a little shorter is easier to keep her clean.

We are so happy and EVERYONE who sees her wants one just like her. Especially my mother-in-law who is going nuts that Praline is ours and not hers. She definitely wants to be told first as soon as Peaches has her next litter. Talk to you soon.


Fri, November 11, 2005

Hi Cathy,

Your new puppies are so cute, but no white ones. Do you think one will be little like Praline? The brown one is so cute. Praline weighs 4.2 lbs and was spayed and microchipped last week. She is doing amazing. She loves, loves, loves our other puppy, Wags and is totally attached to her. She goes many places with us in the car and loves to stick her head out of the window while I am driving. She is the cutest thing.

........ Thanks for her. We love her to pieces. She is great on the leash but will only walk if Wags is with her. She is good in the house as long as I am diligent in taking her out every two hours. Thanks again. I will send more photos soon.


           One of my patients came in to the clinic today with a new puppy she purchased from you...and let me just say...that from the second i saw "praline" (the puppy's name), i was in love! she's the most adorable puppy! i've been wanting to have a dog of my own..i thought a havanese would be the perfect dog for me...i like them small, cute and lovable! =)

Dr. Charmaine Calderon


We have become quite attached to the little thing. We named her Sophia and call her "Sophie". She went to a movie with us while we were out of town and slept through all the movie! Go figure............She is sooo sweet and we love her dearly. She has a wonderful personality and full of energy. We had her under the tree for Christmas in the carrier. Our children thought she was a STUFFED animal! She just sat still looking at them with her head tilted. She finally moved and they realized she was real! They just adore her.

Thanks so much for all your help,



Just a status update. He is doing just great. We have not fixed the name yet. Going from Gizmo to Shadow to Dashing to Little Guy to Tuffen. He is sleeping in his basket in my office right now. He and Rufsen had a lot of running and wrestling already this morning. They are getting along well. First Rufsen appeared jealous and growled to assert himself but now it is very much a parallel game where the little one is proving to be quick, smart, daring and strong. My son has him in his room every night. Eats lots-all the time if he could (but I give him 3 times a day..) and is excellent at finding the paper to go potty on. 85% accuracy overall at this point. He has been confused by throw rugs so we are removing those.


He is great and now Rusfen and he are very much at peace and share food and water bowls freely. We think our name is going to be "Giszmo (extra fun spelling) the Snowball Guy".

Best Regards


Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to thank you for bringing Knuckles into our lives. He is so much fun!!! We followed your advise and got him almost potty trained at this point, just a few poops every now and again.

He plays "slipper" with Erik, our son, and they chase to see who can get the most points. (the idea of the game is whomever receives the slipper a/k/a shoe first gets a point until one of them gets to ten. At ten the winner gets a prize. ie. human or dog treat.)

He also plays so gently with our daughter. Ensley & I watch, but never have to worry. He just seems to know that she is a toddler and is gentle with her.

FYI: He is growing up so beautifully and looks great when Erik & I bath him. I will send you some photos soon. You would be proud. Of course this picturesque moment only lasts a couple of hours as he does his typical "run like hell" routine as soon as he gets outside.

Anyway, just wanted to give you the update. Thank you again,

Kari, Erik, Ensley & Brian


I'm sending you what I think would be a better photo of Bandit to use on your website. He is a wonderful, wonderful little dog! Everybody who meets him loves him, and wants a Havanese, and he loves everybody.


Hi, Cathy!

I just wanted to let you know that "Memphis" and I are getting along marvelously. Checkers, my Maine Coon cat, is getting to be her "best buddy." She is just the greatest dog I ever had. She is doing very well in puppy class. I was shocked to see another Havanese in the class because most people I talk to about Memphis haven't heard of the Havanese breed...too bad! Zoe is the name of the other Havanese in the class with Memphis, and they both have a ball during play time, as they are just a few weeks apart in age. Cudos to you for raising and producing such wonderful pups! I almost want to adopt five more... Hope all is well with you and yours.



Cathy, Allie

..... I can't tell you how much we are enjoying Allie. She is a real cuty and a constant source of entertainment. She's absolutely in love with my golden retriever and he is so good with her. I was worried that he would have a hard time sharing the attention but he really seems to be enjoying her too. Hope all is well.....



I would like to bring Bandit over for a very brief visit some time at your convenience. I would just like for you to see him and for him to see where he came from. He has grown up to be such a beautiful dog, and has the most marvellous personality. He has a new kitten friend named Buster, and he and Buster play like no cat and dog I have ever seen.
Anyway, I would like to come over and bring him, just for ten or fifteen minutes. And I can come over just about any day and any time.

Warmest personal regards,

Hi Cathy!

We're in LOVE!!!! We've picked a name. Boomer! He sounds like rollng thunderBoomer & Duke running through our house! :) As you can see, he has made a new friend, Duke. They hit it off right away. Vet checked him out yesterday & was just delighted with him. He's doing great and seems to be adjusting just fine. He woke up this morning at about 4:30, I let him out & he went back to bed until my husband got up for work around 5:15. While hubby was in the bathroom getting ready, somebody got into bed & took over his spot! When my husband got out of the bathroom, he comments what's this? and Boomer lifts his head temporarily to look, sighs, & goes back to sleep. It was a great early morning laugh.

Thank you so much!


Just a quick update on "Izzy." She is quite a character, giving my 2 yr old dog a run for his money. She is doing quite well, letting me sleep through the night the past two nights, having very few accidents in the house and just being an all around great puppy. She is so playful and happy. Everyone just loves her and she seems to love everyone and everything, the cats, bugs, lizards, etc. She is so smart, I have her sitting for a treat! We are all amazed. Thank you so much for your good care of her in her early days. My vet gave her a clean bill of health and said all was well. I'll try to keep in touch as she grows. She did give us a scare on her third day here, she was bouncing around outside not watching where she was going and managed to fall into the pool. Fortunately it is very warm and I think she learned her lesson. She did swim well though during the couple seconds it took to scoop her out. Didn't even get her head wet! She makes a wide path around the pool now though.

Take care,


Hi Cathy!

Well, we finally made it back to San Antonio---2200 miles later! I was really prepared for a bad couple of nights, barking out of loneliness and anxiety of new surroundings... what a phenomenal dog she is...she slept all night both nights and when I got her up at 6:30 she "did her business" right away on the newspaper I had set out. What a shock that was! All the way home whenever she had to tinkle or have a bm, she would start barking, we would pray, cross our fingers and pull off the road--out came the papers and she immediately took care of business. William and I were shocked all over have done a great job of getting her started with her potty training. I will have to continue on your good work. We are so pleased with her. She is so lovable and good natured. Today I went by to show one of my best friends (she is a dentist) at her office and my God I had 15 ladies come pouring out of all the offices to take a look at our Mia! It took me 45 minutes to get her out of there because everyone was fighting over who was going to hold her. Anyhow, people kisses and puppy kisses to you and Dean and Allison. Thank you once again.

Until later,


Hi cathy,

He has won the hearts of the entire neighnorhood... ladies and female dogs are his specialty! You should see the show he puts on for them! He even has a little Yorkie girlfriend... sperating the two fo them is like breaking up Romeo and Juliette! Her daddy literally ends up dragging her away on her back as she just rolls over and stays there... walking the two dogs away all they do is look back at each other and pull... it's a riot!

Max is adjusting to the household and is terrific with the cat.. though I think the cat is still trying to understand why this little visitor is still here. The potty training is coming along. Max is teaching me how to tell when he has to go out. We're still having a challenge in the morning and timing my return during lunch. But we're working on it. any suggestions would be very welcome!

He went swimming the other day... he was terrific! he then had his first bath (to wash the salt water off). We visited the vet and he's A-OK. I can't thank you enough for raising him so well. he's a charmer and such a well behaved little guy. He is the charmer of Mystic!

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