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Hi, my name is Cathy and I breed Havanese dogs. I've been a dog lover all my life and dogs have always been members of our family, but when I met the Havanese some 0 years ago I fell in love and the rest is history.

They have become a very important and satisfying part of my life. People think I am speaking of my children when I talk about Tracy and Thomas and Lola, and no wonder I feel as if they are.

There is never a dull moment on our little farm in rural Mississippi. We are situated on a small lake with lots of trees around us which makes it nice on those hot summer days when a cool breeze is blowing.

We all take part in raising these precious little ones .My eight year old grandaughter makes a good puppysitter and loves every minute of it. Our little bouncy balls of fluff have brought us many hours of joy and should one become a member of your family you are in for a delightful experience.

About the Havanese

Havanese are rugged little dogs with strong legs. They are not delicate and fine boned. Their hair may be smooth very curly or wavy and they have soft double coats.

Some havanese may have a short coat due to a recessive gene. These are serious faults and they cannot be shown. A breeder must take great care not to produce this type of puppy.

Havanese come in a variety of colors; white, cream, champagne, sable, Black, parti, tri-color, brown and many others. All but the chocolate must have black eyes, noses,eye rims and lips. Chocolates may have brown noses and amber eyes. Havanese have a lovely springy gait which accentuates their rear and their tail is carried over their back.

They are gentle loving companions and become very attached to their families. They are wonderful with children and are happy, playful and extremely intelligent. They love people of all ages and other animals as well. They are easily trained and are very sensitive to the tone of your voice, very similar to a child.

They love to please you and will try very hard to accomplish their task. Havanese are good watch dogs but will be happy to see everyone who comes to your door. As with all breeds and humans some may develop health problems some of which are cataracts dry skin, luxating patella's and ear infections.

Havanese can range in size from eight and one half inches to eleven inches tall and weigh from seven to twelve pounds. They should be a little longer than tall. Their life expectancy is about fifteen years.

Havanese can adapt to apartment living or down on the farm as long as they are with their people and part of the family. They should be brushed thoroughly about twice a week and their nails clipped regularly also their teeth should be brushed weekly starting as a puppy.

Since they are not prone to have excessive odor unless they are outdoors a great deal a weekly bath is not necessary and can lead to dry skin. Havenese are very special and can bring much joy into your life. They will adore you and love you beyond measure. The true Havanese is still rare with there being only a little over 4000 in the United States. If you adopt one you will have a treasure.

Please enjoy your visit and come again..


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